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Visibility on Real Estate website and newsletters

Real Estate offers the opportunity to reach event visitors and potential visitors also on digital channels before and after the fair.

You attract visitors to your stand, reach them even before the fair and gain visibility among industry professionals.

Check out the options, prices and book your own visibility!

Banner advertisement at the top of the kiinteistö page

Event websites attract visitors long before the event time. Reach your customers effectively even before the event! For example, you can tell about the novelties, offers or competitions on display at the stand.

Site visits:

kiinteistö visits before the 2019 event (2 months before): approx. 25,000

Website banner size:

940 x 120-250 px and 300 x 250 px (for desktop and mobile versions)


€1,000 + VAT (main page)

€800 + VAT other pages

You also have the opportunity to appear on the English pages of kiinteistö So take into account the different languages ​​in the material. A maximum of 5 advertising spots are sold per page.

Banner advertisement and text in the newsletter

Kiinteistömessut sends newsletters to the visitors of the previous event and to those registered for the upcoming event and other potential visitors. Messages are sent and read especially actively before the event, but also outside the fair all year round. Attract visitors to your stand, tell them about offers, news and competitions at your stand. You can also attract readers to your online store or brick-and-mortar store.


There are a total of approx. 11,000 newsletter recipients (situation 5/2020). The opening rate of letters is about 25-35%.

Newsletter banner size and information:

600 x 250 px banner and text (max 150 characters)

600 x 250 px banner without text (note the call to action in the banner)


€1,000 + VAT banner and text

€800 + VAT banner without text

Content collaboration on websites

A year before the event, the event’s website is visited nearly 30,000 times. Why wait until the fair to reach out to potential customers, when you can get in touch with them earlier through our website.

Instead of traditional banners, a more effective way to reach visitors to our website is content collaboration. Are you interested? Contact us, and we will find the best form of cooperation for you. Our digital marketing team is happy to help you write a content article.


– On the event’s website (in connection with the theme)

– In the event’s newsletters (image + text + link to the article)

Price / article page:

€1,500 + VAT

Digital display packages in Messukeskus

Digital advertising areas effectively reach tens of thousands of fair visitors up to 50 times per hour throughout the event! Digital advertising spots guide well to the department and activate visitors. Check out our advertising spots and choose the most suitable option!

See digital advertising spots

We help you reach Real Estate visitors in digital channels

Contact us and we can look at the best option together. Our sales manager will help you with the most suitable option and our digital marketing manager will help you with the technical implementation.

Sarita Virta
Sales Manager
+358 40 451 7038